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ZAROF. schools & business

ZAROF. first became involved in the area of cooperation between schools and businesses back in 2004. With the foundation of the B.O.S.S. network, which aims to improve cooperation between schools and companies, our work has focused on the systematisation of professional and academic orientation.

The aim is to promote, in the long term, young people’s ability to choose the right career and to gain the skills required for vocational training or further study when the time comes for them to make the transition from school to a training programme or an institution of higher education, and also to coordinate what is offered by companies with the needs of educational institutions. A fundamental aspect of this involves developing schools so that they are less geared towards merely providing qualifications and instead place more of an emphasis on their role as providers of a pathway to future opportunities. This is because well qualified young people who have been prepared for working life are an important locational advantage for the region – especially against the backdrop of an increasing shortage of skilled workers.

In this context, ZAROF. sees itself as a partner for regional business enterprises, advising them on their options for the effective recruitment of young professionals.

What we offer schools

  • We find you the right cooperation partner from the business community.
  • Together with you, we develop and qualify the school’s own conceptual design for career orientation.
  • We arrange for teachers to gain insight into the worlds of business and academia.

What we offer businesses

  • We find suitable partner schools for your business.
  • We support you in the development and implementation of a strategy for recruiting young professionals early on.
  • We monitor and evaluate your career orientation activities.

Further services

  • We put together expert opinions and analyses and perform scientific surveys on the subjects of career and academic orientation, the transition system and related issues.
  • As part of our project and network management work, with the participation of different stakeholders we make the benefits of cooperation available, developing and implementing these as joint cooperation projects and activities.


Current projects

  • B.O.S.S. Central Germany
  • B.O.S.S. connect
  • Establishment and monitoring of long-term, sustainable cooperation partnerships between general-education schools and vocational school centres (under the ESF Directive of the Saxony State Ministry for Culture and Sport)
  • Establishment and monitoring of long-term, sustainable cooperation partnerships between general & vocational upper secondary schools and higher education institutions (under the ESF Directive of the Saxony State Ministry for Culture and Sport)


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