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ZAROF. human resources & organisation

Since 1995, ZAROF. has been active as a provider of consulting and training services in the area of human resources and organisational development. We support public and private sector organisations in tackling essential change. Our work approach includes analysis, concept development and implementation monitoring as well as evaluation. In terms of human resources development, we identify and carry out measures that need to be taken as a result of change.

We have sound knowledge and extensive experience in the methods of quantitative and qualitative social research, hosting, coaching executives and teams, both internal and public mediation as well as the introduction and evaluation of instruments such as employee interviews, employee surveys, supervisor feedback, team development workshops and project management. An interdisciplinary team of economists and engineers, social scientists, psychologists, educationists and legal experts develops adaptable, individual solutions for our clients.

What we offer

  • Analyses, concepts, implementation support for human resources and organisational development processes
  • Management training sessions, seminars
  • Coaching for management and teams
  • Mediation (internal)
  • Hosting of workshops
  • Feedback systems (employee appraisals, management feedback)
  • Change management
  • Project and network management (conception and planning, organisation and implementation support, evaluation throughout the process, establishment and perpetuation)
  • Consulting topics: Recruiting young professionals, schools and business, reconciling work with family/care

We see ourselves as an ‘internal’ external party and feel it is particularly important to secure the participation of everyone involved in change. We stand for openness and communication, and our aim is to provide all participants with a constructive and profitable design for their organisation.

As an economic and social science research and consulting company, we have many years of experience in coordinating complex project networks as well as in network management. The goal of this project and network management between the different stakeholders involves making the benefits of cooperation available and developing and implementing these as joint cooperation projects and activities.

Current projects

  • Implementation of management feedback at a federal authority with 900 employees and 140 executives (2012-13)
  • "Work and Care" project in the network Allianz Familie+Beruf Leipzig, examining how to balance work and care responsibilities
  • Conception design and implementation of a large-group event with 460 participants, training of company-internal hosts to fuel a systematic organisational development process at the German National Library
  • Conception design and implementation support of an employee appraisal system in private companies
  • Conceptual design and implementation support for companies in the area of recruiting young professionals
  • Action programme for the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Germany (on behalf of the Federal Government Commissioner for Matters relating to Disabled Persons)


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